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GTX Facepaint

One-Stroke Boxes

One-Stroke Boxes

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These one-stroke boxes are the PERFECT SIZE to use with a 3/4" (#12) brush.

How does it work?

The way these work is that you buy your paints or your starter set and then you craft your perfect face paint one-stroke using all of the tools in your starter kit! 

Benefits to creating your own one-strokes:

  • Your crafting cake will not become contaminated, thus will last longer! 
  • Your one-strokes are small and will be refilled more often, which makes the paints stay fresh! 
  • We designed these to be the perfect size for the foreheads we work on so that your 3/4" brushes are the perfect size to pick up ALL the paint! 
  • The best reason of all is that YOU get to customize it! No more having to choose based on someone else's design!

The dimensions of the box are .94 In x 2.13 in (24mm by 54mm)


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