Howdy y'all!

I'm the GTX Cowgirl~
Welcome to GTX Facepaint, a fully FDA compliant, UK Compliant, SPCN registered, EU CPNP registered and Health Canada registered professional face paint line.
We are proud to say that we are approved to be sold all over the world!
Our headquarters are in Georgetown, Texas and all products ship from Texas, USA.
What makes us different:
GTX is sold only in large cakes, 60 g and 120 g. The idea is that the artist is going to cut into the square/rectangle cake and make their own custom one-strokes and splitcakes based on their needs. Our angular boxes were designed to make the cake-making process easy. No more cutting into a round cake to create something custom. We have regular-sized boxes and custom boxes as well as stamps and a crafting knife. 
Artists can make millions of color combos with our full line! Our paints are FDA compliant as either Cosmetics paint OR Novelty Paint depending on the type.
Enjoy shopping and please reach out to our customer service department with any questions!

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About us:

Welcome to our family-owned face paint manufacturing business located in the heart of Texas! Our commitment is to provide high-quality and safe face paint for all occasions.
Our passion for creativity and innovation led us to develop a unique Crafting Kit that enables anyone to create their own custom split cakes, or dupe another cake they love in minutes! With 50+ vibrant colors to choose from, our products are trusted by families, schools, and professional artists alike.
Our mission is to inspire creativity and spread joy through our face paints. We believe in the magic of imagination and want to empower people of all ages to express themselves boldly and fearlessly. We are dedicated to providing quality products and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations. So come and join our family, let's paint the world with color and imagination!
Please tag us #gtxfacepaint and with your creations, share your recipes and name your custom cakes so we can share in the community!
Thank you for supporting us, y'all.