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GTX Facepaint is a fully FDA compliant, UK Compliant, SPCN registered, EU CPNP registered and Health Canada registered professional face paint line made in the same manufacturing factory as other major brands. We are sold all over the world!

Our headquarters are in Georgetown, Texas and all products ship from Texas, USA.

What makes us different:

GTX is sold only in large cakes, 60 and 120 G. The idea is that the artist is going to cut into the square cake and make their own custom one-strokes and splitcakes based on their needs. Our square boxes were designed to mkae the cake-making process easy. No more cutting into a round cake to create something custom. We have regular boxes and custom boxes as well as stamps and a crafting knife. 



If you are a wholesale distributor interested in carrying GTX, we are currently trademarked in the US, UK and Australia, and are excited to work with you! Our MSDS is located at the footer of our website. To become a distributor please click the link at the bottom of this page to submit an distributor application. Once approved you can log in to place orders.

Our owners have been in the manufacturing side of business since 2018 and own two successful international beauty product companies, Microartistryacademy.com and Hybridtint.com. We source products and raw materials from all over the world for those two lines. Infinity Hybrid is now being distributed in60 locations across the globe, launched in Jan 2023.  

Our primary mission: We are here to support the artist by allowing for more creativity in their work. We have a face painting business too and saw the need for this in the market. We are here to collaborate with existing brands and products and want to continue to improve our products with constructive feedback from artists and distributors. 

Please check out our influencers to see GTX Facepaint in action at the artist-level:




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