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GTX Facepaint

Banana Puddin'-Yellow-REGULAR

Banana Puddin'-Yellow-REGULAR

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Introducing Banana Puddin, our regular yellow face paint available in both 60g and 120g sizes. This vibrant hue adds a burst of sunshine to any design, making it a versatile choice for your artistic creations. Ideal for use in rainbow cakes or as a standalone color, Banana Puddin offers smooth application and excellent coverage, ensuring your designs stand out with vivid color and lasting impact.

@lizzieland.facepainting Replying to @paige (*'ω'*) 🧡 I have seen all the Garfield requests! It’s finally here! Made my own splitcake with the crafting set and amazing face paints from @GTX Cowgirl Facepaint, use LIZZIE10 for a discount. 🫶🏻 #garfieldthecat #garfieldmakeup #garfieldthemovie #garfieldfunny #garfieldfacepainting #garfieldonestroke #easyfacepainting #fastfacepainting #quickfacepainting #facepaintingideas #gtxfacepaint #gtxcowgirl #garfieldlook #facepaintingfullface #garfieldbodypainting ♬ original sound - garfieldnfriendsclips



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