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GTX Facepaint

Split Cake Boxes

Split Cake Boxes

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These Split Cake Boxes have been designed by face painting artists to replace your current split cake boxes. They are re-sealable with the lid being attached, and they are about the same size as a regular split cake container. 

How does it work?

The way these work is that you buy your paints or your starter set and then you craft your perfect face paint split cakes using all of the tools in your starter kit! 

Benefits to creating your own split cakes:

  • Your larger crafting cake will not become contaminated, thus will last longer! 
  • Your slit cake boxes are shallower than a normal split cake and will be refilled more often, which allows the paints to stay fresh! 
  • We designed these to be comparable to current split cake sizes so they are perfect for a sponge
  • The best reason of all is that YOU get to customize it! No more having to choose based on someone else's design!

The dimensions of the box are 1.7in x 2.15in (40mm x 52mm) Perfect for a sponge!


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